Beginners Guide for FIFA 20 Chemistry

Fifa 20 beginners Guide

FIFA 20 Mobile is an excellent game from the EA sports, and that has created a buzz in the market. There are many players already playing the game, but still, there are always beginners in it.

After an extraordinary success in the console version, the Fifa 20 mobile is the newest version of the game. However, there are still many features in common. Today we are going to discuss one of the most challenging tasks of forming a team with good chemistry.

What is chemistry in FIFA

Team chemistry is an enhanced system in Fifa 20, and it is considered to be the most effective in selecting the playing XI. Once players within the same league, club, country or individual championship are included the chemistry between them are increased.

Chemistry of a team activates at Level Seven. But you need minimum 2-star players affiliated with some reputed club, country or league to build up the chemistry.

Just like the OVR, chemistry is also an essential factor that affects your game. With strong chemistry, the game will help you gain opportunities in various modes like versus attack or LvL matches.

FIFA Mobile 20 Chemistry

A thick line between all the players indicates the interaction on the’ Start 11′ display. Colour Green refers well to synthetic chemistry, colour Green (light) refers to great chemistry, and grey refers to no chemistry.

Tap on the “Preview” button on the right top of the “Beginning 11” page to preview the chemistry stats of each position on your initial line-up.

Chemistry View

Significant to mention, the figures on each player’s right are just the Chemistry granted to all connected players and this player. Whereas, the statistics on the left reflect the Chemistry obtained from referenced players by a player.

Chemistry Points

Also, 80 + OVR players stand with Team Chemistry. That, unfortunately, won’t work if you connect a gold or silver player to an elite player. A predictor beside your OVR team indicates how and what Chemistry you are doing in your Start squad from all games. The highest level of chemistry is 120.

How chemistry affects your team?

FIFA 20 Chemistry plays a crucial role in the success of your team, and you can never despise it. It’s more or less an indication of how a player is going to execute in the game. Lower values of chemistry will impede the ability of players, while higher importance of chemistry will lead to an excellent performance of players.

It is a measure of each relationship’s wellbeing in a team. In other terms, chemistry is a variable that improves the game by engaging with the player’s comfort with his role, the interaction with all the other teammates and the coach.


Generally speaking, Ultimate Team’s implementation of chemistry is just there to provide the gameplay more rationale and allow a team-building more complicated, motivating and dynamic.

Through this guide, you can get all the answers to the chemistry of FIFA 20 and play the game with a better understanding.

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