Introduction to Marvel Strike Force Game

marvel strike force introduction

Many mobile games are superheroic, but none of them can compete with the “roster” power of MARVEL. This is the game that you should choose if you like both the superheroes and the bosses equal: MARVEL Strike Force allows you to play with almost everyone in the universe of MARVEL– even those that are not important.

Nevertheless, the game, which is very big and extensive in content, can be a bit challenging for beginners. This guide has been designed for them: If you’re new to MARVEL Strike Force, keep reading to learn to play.

What Kind of Game Is MARVEL Strike Force?

MARVEL Strike Force is an RPG game based on turns. Nevertheless, we’re not talking of a classic CRPG with sluggish gameplay, a plot that shifts according to dialogue.

There has to be a lie, but it can’t be changed. The elements of RPG are restricted to the upgrading of the character equipment.

The gameplay is so complex that you can forget that a turn-based game is played. Keep in mind if you have not played this type of play in a while. You will become used to the basic game and the fight mechanics, during a concise course of time.

Beginning of the Game and Earn Your First Hero

You only have to download 90 MB; the size of the game is minimal. Additional files downloaded after the game start. At first glance, the main screen of the game can look a bit confusing, because many options are available.

But don’t worry: throughout the lesson, Nick Fury and Black Widow will tell you what you must do.

The premise of MARVEL Strike Force is quite simple: Ultimus strikes the world. The assault is so aggressive and massive that both superheroes and villagers must form teams to battle Ultimus. You must create these teams and lead them to the battlefield as the “commander.”

But there’s a problem: nearly all the heroes and villagers are stuck in interdimensional orbs, and these orbs have the power to’ unlock.’ Your only hero is Spiderman at first, and a variety of quests to locate the remaining superheroes and villagers are required to be carried out.

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MARVEL Strike Force Task Categories

Some characters are automatically unlocked when tasks have been completed. For example, only after your first mission is Luke Cage as part of your team. You have to do a lot to unlock the other characters because you must do a lot of work to collect their fragments.

You can also buy them by charging for real money if you don’t want to work hard. Within our guides for MARVEL Strike Force, we will never talk about free games.

Campaign: In this category, you can find the main game history tasks. You will complete a total of 9 chapters, and each section split into several parts. You’ll fight against a “boss” enemy on the last mission of each episode. Some of the combat will send you “shards” to unlock new characters.

Prices like XP dots, gold, orb and equipment will be awarded as well. You can repeatedly play a chapter or an episode.

Blitz: The 5v5 Arena mode use for battle an AI team. At level 14, it becomes active. You fight enemy teams which match your team’s level there’s no story, only fight. Blitz is a PvP game you can see played against the AI. You get “Blitz Points” in each fight you win. Each mode consists of 14 different levels, and only Blitz points will unlock those characters.

Alliance raid: You can join an alliance when you reach level 20. The Alliance Raid function enabled at level 25. The most challenging fighting and equipment in the game is this mode.

Daily challenges: If you want to know how to get free power cores in marvel strike force, then you just have to fulfil tasks and goals daily. For example, it is considered a daily objective to complete three campaign tasks within 24 hours. You can collect power cores, points, gold and XP points as a reward.

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