List of King of Avalon Gift Codes to Redeem in 2020

king of avalon gift cards

Ideally, for any game, the gift codes play a very significant role in the progress of the player. The main objective of using these gift codes is to avail the numerous opportunities provided by the King of Avalon or KOA gift cards.

Most importantly, you will need these king of avalon gift codes to upgrade different elements of the game, such as:

  • The dragons
  • The players
  • The weapon and
  • All other useful tools.

You can get these gift codes from paid sources, for which the game developers, Century Game Company, will not take responsibility for the workability and validity, or by using the gift card.

Several different ways will help you in your free upgrade plan, but it is hard to tell which of the codes will be useful for redeeming.

List of Codes for KOA Redemption

Some of the major codes that may be useful for you to redeem and progress in the game include:

  • KOA 5050
  • KOA 50547
  • KOA 6589
  • KOA 1956
  • KOA 9658
  • KOA 9586
  • KOA 3697
  • KOA 5505
  • KOA 693
  • KOA 7895
  • KOA 1476
  • KOA 5474 and
  • KOA 9846

You can try all or a couple of these codes, but first, know about the validity and effectiveness of each before using.

Redeeming KOA Gift Codes

You will have to follow some instructions when you have a KOA gift code and want to redeem it successfully.

  • First, you will need to login to your KOA account
  • Then find the Setting option
  • Click on the button to see ‘Gift Code.’
  • Click on that button to find the code giving the option
  • Type your code there and
  • Lastly, click on the ‘Redeem’ button.”

This is a short and sweet process which even a novice can navigate through quickly.

Alliances in the game

Here are a few tips for creating and modifying your alliance as and when required.

Creating and joining an alliance:

  • Click on the ‘Alliance’ button located at the bottom of the screen and
  • Choose the alliance in the window to enter.

To create an alliance, you will need to pay 200 gold if your citadel is under level 6. If it is more, you can create it for free. However, choose the name and motto of your alliance wisely because that is what the other players will see first. If you are looking for free king of avalon gift codes to redeem then visit

Where they have given lots of ways to get free koa gift codes methods for 2020.

Changing the alliance:

You can modify your alliance at any time. The language of the alliance will be determined automatically by the game language of the head of the alliance. You can change the core language.

You can be on one alliance at a time. If you want to join another, you must withdraw as a member of your current alliance and click on the invitation on your screen or go to the ‘Alliance’ section. To withdraw from an alliance, click one by one on:

  • Alliance
  • Manage

You can dissolve an alliance if you are the head of the alliance. For this first, you must transfer your post to another member and then click on Alliance, Manage and Dissolve.

Remember that alliance will play a significant role in your success.

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