Tips To Progress Faster In The Walking Dead: Road To Survival


Nowadays, mobile games are highly popular, and the gaming market is infested with a variety of games. One of the top viral games is The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, and it is all about RPG.

In which you have to survive more for taking the victory, and there are lots of challenging battles for growing quickly in the gameplay.

The game is created by Scopely for iOS and android mobile devices, and we can enjoy it perfectly in both. Millions of online players are connected with and get great fun in online battles.

Playing in the game is not much hard, and we have to smash some beginning details for making the right position. Anyone can install the game by Google store or official game website, and it is free for everyone.

Success is not a one-day task, and we have to complete many kinds of missions and battles. Customize your survivors for upcoming battles and add multiple things for leveling up in a short time.

For each thing, we should not skip some amazing tricks that are advantageous for everyone. In this guide, we are sharing such kinds of tips for getting high progress in the game.

Begin with basics

In the starting, most of us are avoiding the basic settings, but they are important for us. The uses must learn each thing for playing well.

Set up some navigation controls, and we can also reset some kinds of default settings. The controls are handy to us, and they are familiar to use in a short time.

Build a deadly team

The survivor team is proving us amazing multiplayer experience, and you have to serious about. The players can gather a huge number of active heroes for building a team.

We can find some new stories for going forward in the game. We can also send playing requests to social friends and add them to our team.

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Upgrade heroes’ skills

On regular time we should be ready to add new skills and do some practice matches for it. Use some updates for upgrading the skills of heroes.

The skills are providing us more speed in the game. Invest some amount of money for adding new abilities in survivors.

Get new weapons and resources 

Collecting resources is challenging for each one, but you should not panic about it. The individual has to wait for some time and finish various missions for both. In every fight, some kinds of weapons are used for killing enemies, so we have to need them.

Focus on big currency

In the game, coins are the main currency, and by it, we can purchase some special items. The player can grow easily with a high amount of coins.

Know them for smashing enough amounts of coins and other rewards. Coins are for unlocking new locations and buying new tools for surviving long in it.

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